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Our extensive range of sturdy workbenches are the perfect addition for all types of industry.

Some workbenches are built to a set at a workable height and others are height adjustable.

Options come with under-bench storage and accessories for storing and mounting your tools.

Whether you run a garage, workshop, warehouse or large industrial plant we have the bench for you. From lightweight to heavy duty, even anti-static benches for specialist applications.

Workshop Products

Our Products

  • Adjustable Height Workbenches
  • Budget Workbench
  • SquareTube Workbench
  • Heavy Duty Workbench
  • Euroslide Work-bench Cabinets
  • Worktops and Accessories
  • Static Dissipative Cantilever Workbench and Accessories
  • Back Panels
  • Tool Clips
  • RCB Circuit Breaker
  • Cupboards and Draws
  • Tool Charging Lockers
  • Draw & Shelf Workbench
  • Single Drawer Workbench
  • IT Workstations
  • IT Trolleys
  • Shelf & Panel Trolleys
  • System Flow Trolleys
  • 600 Euroslide Cabinets
  • 600 Mobile Euroslide Cabinets
  • Under Bench Cabinets
  • Modular Workbench
  • Tuff Benches
  • Cantilever Workbench
  • Euroslide Superbench
  • System Tek Cabinets
  • Static Dissipative Square-Tube Workbench
  • Workbench Accessories
  • Storage Bins
  • Track Spring Tool Balance
  • Anti-Static Floor Mat
  • Lighting Height Adjustable Workbench
  • Standard Workstation
  • Double Drawer Workbench
  • First Aid Workstations
  • Double Door Flat Top Computer Stations
  • Tool Panel Trolleys
  • Tilting Shelf Trolleys
  • Team Leader Workstations
  • 900 Euroslide Cabinets
  • 900 Mobile Euroslide Cabinets


Industry Sectors

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