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Duplex® Floor, Carpet & Steam Cleaners

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Flair is the leading, Yorkshire based supplier of Duplex® industrial and commercial floor, carpet and steam cleaners.

High-tech for perfect cleaning on all surfaces

Duplex® has created the most simple and versatile solution for thorough cleaning and drying of all types of floors. The Duplex® washes, brushes and disinfects and is also ideal for cleaning profiled flooring, this includes both solid and liquid dirt recovery. The Duplex® is an extremely straightforward and user-friendly machine. Its compact design, brush and tank positions, and centralised motor combine to produce a perfectly balanced machine. Allowing single handed operation, the Duplex® is unique in its ability to clean right up to the edge of skirting boards and into corners.

Floor Types

How the Duplex® Floor Washing Machine works

To start the machine simply lower the handle slightly. Pull the trigger to release water and detergent. Cylindrical brushes flick dirt onto rotating belts which carry it to a central recovery tank. This tank is easily removed for emptying. To stop the machine simply raise the handle back to the upright position.

Unique Features

Dual-direction: the original design and versatility of the Duplex® allows bi-directional cleaning. With the brushes working to the edge on one side, a fluid movement to change handle position allows cleaning up to every edge without having to lift or turn the machine. Thorough floor cleaning, even in the hardest to reach areas: under furniture, along skirting boards and in corners.

  • Two large contra-rotating cylindrical brushes
  • Liquid distribution for each brush
  • Double dirt recovery system
  • Removable recovery tank
  • Automatic electrical protection system
  • Three operating functions: washing only, washing and collection, polishing
  • Carpet and mat cleaning using the unique (splitting hair) system
Either Way Duplex® Image


The grey Duplex® brushes supplied as standard clean all types of floor. Duplex® also provides optional brushes for specific requirements:

  • BLACK BRUSHES: for dedicated hard floor cleaning
  • YELLOW BRUSHES: for the delicate cleaning of carpets or mats
  • HORSEHAIR BRUSHES: for polishing
  • TYNEX BRUSHES: highly abrasive action
  • SCOTCH-BRITE BRUSHES: a slight abrasive and polishing action, specifically for smooth floors and/or linoleum
Floor Cleaner Brushes

Duplex® Steam washes, restores, sterilises and dries all types of flooring through a series of powerful steam jets

Duplex® Steam is supplied with two tanks (water and boiler). The steam jets are directed on the floor at a high temperature facilitating the removal of even the most stubborn dirt. This steam jet washing system is particularly effective on carpeting and mats etc, as it not only washes the textile fibres but re-vitalizes them. The machine is also equipped with two extra standard tanks which can be used in a conventional manner with cleaning solution. Duplex® Steam is designed and manufactured incorporating high tech solutions in compliance with the best Italian technical tradition. The frame supporting the complete structure is in die-cast aluminium, the accessory fairing is made in high quality shockproof material, the brush-holder side panel is in stainless steel, and all the components are top quality.

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