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Handling & Lifting

Here at Flair we have an extensive range of Handling and Lifting products. Whether you require sack trucks, platform trucks, trolleys or dollies, scissor lifts, stackers, manual pallet trucks or electric versions. We have your needs covered. All our handling and lifting products are designed to make light work of moving heavy and bulky items.

Our range of products has been sourced with quality, durability and value for money in mind and they will be able to withstand years of hard use.

Handling & Lifting Products

Our Products

  • Apollo Heavy Duty Sack Trucks
  • Loop Handle Sack Trucks
  • Budget Sack Trucks
  • P Handle Sack Trucks
  • Pro Heavy Duty Sack Trucks
  • Aluminium Sack Trucks
  • Three Way Trucks,
  • Stairclimber with Skids
  • Angle Iron Sack Truck,
  • Three Position Truck With Bag Holder
  • Two Way Cargo Truck
  • Connect N Roll Dollies
  • Heavy Duty Dolly
  • Heavy Duty Container Dolly
  • Folding Box Trucks
  • Foldaway Platform Trolleys
  • Deluxe Folding Trolley
  • Large Wheels Mesh Surround Trolleys
  • Shelf Trolleys
  • Deep Tray Trolleys
  • Super Strength Trolleys
  • Shelf Trucks
  • Galvanised Deck Trucks
  • Mailroom Trolleys
  • Wire Mesh Trucks
  • Security Trolleys
  • Large Container Carrier
  • Self Levelling Trolleys
  • 3 Tier Container Trolleys
  • Hazardous Boxwell Trolleys
  • Shelf Trucks
  • Demountable Rolcontainers
  • Chrome Wire Distribution Trucks
  • Wall Board Trolley
  • Cash and Carry Trolleys
  • Turntable Trucks
  • General Purpose Trucks with REACH Compliant Wheels
  • Straight Sided Tanks
  • Mobile Tapered Trucks
  • G Truck Trucks
  • Printers Pallet Trucks
  • Quick Lift Pallet Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Pallet trucks
  • Vulcan Hugh Lift Pallet Trucks
  • Weigh Scale Pallet Truck
  • Scissor Lift Tables Fully Powered Pallet Truck
  • Truck Hydraulic Lifters Semi Electric Stackers
  • Hydraulic Stackers
  • Drum Transporter
  • Drum Movers
  • Sump Pallets
  • Horizontal Drum Store
  • Drum Shelters
  • Heavy Duty Sump Container
  • Bunded Storage Container
  • Bunded Work Floors
  • Bunded Drum Rack Systems
  • EVO Recycled Absorbents Spill Control
  • Propane Cylinder Trolleys
  • Cambuckle Wall Racks
  • Gas Cylinder Cages
  • Apollo Heavy Duty Sack Trucks with Puncture Proof Wheels
  • Steel Sack Trucks
  • Folding Sack Trucks
  • Super Compact Trucks
  • Compact Sack Trucks
  • Step-a-Trucks
  • Folding Toe Sack Trucks
  • Wide Stairclimber
  • Bulk Sack Truck
  • Two Way Trucks
  • Carpeted Dollies
  • Plastic Platform Dolly
  • Interconnecting Dollies
  • Wooden Dolly
  • Platform Trolley
  • Proplaz Blue Trolleys
  • Folding Trolleys
  • Two And Three Tier Trolleys
  • Service Trolleys
  • Multi-Purpose Trolleys
  • Stainless Steel Trolleys
  • Fort Platform Trucks
  • Mobile Maintenance Trucks
  • Sided Trolleys
  • Three Way Convertible Trolleys
  • Order Pick Trolleys
  • Distribution Container Carrier
  • Mobile Container Racks
  • Tilt Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Distribution Trucks
  • Rolcontainers
  • A Type Nestable Rolcontainers
  • Wire Mesh Trolleys
  • Stock Trolley
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Tip-A-Trucks
  • Tapered Trucks
  • Bottle Skips
  • Premium Pallet Trucks
  • Low Profile Pallet Trucks
  • Braked Pallet Trucks
  • Long Fork Pallet Trucks
  • Extra Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks
  • Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks
  • Premium Weigh Scale Trucks
  • Premium Powered Pallet
  • Semi Electric Straddle Stackers
  • Hydraulic Drum Lifters
  • Drum Tilter
  • Sump Flooring
  • Vertical Drum Store
  • Drum Storage
  • Drum Racking
  • Drip Trays Container
  • Spill Trays
  • Sump Storage
  • IBC Containment Pallets
  • Spill Containment Spill Kits
  • Cylinder Trolleys
  • Cylinder Storage
  • Cylinder Lock Up Cages


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