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First Aid & Training

First Aid / Training

Unpleasant though it may be, the fact remains that accidents happen. Even experiencing it as a bystander, an accident is not a pleasant scene.

The Importance of First Aid

If an accident happens in the workplace, you cannot be a helpless witness, since simply standing by can potentially worsen the situation. This is why it’s important to have at least a basic knowledge of first aid.

Flair’s training services are based in Hull as a central base for our clients in East Yorkshire. Training can be arranged on-site at your premises subject to negotiation, should you require it, please contact our sales team on 01377 259222 to organise this.

Our training courses

We offer 6 scheduled First Aid Courses:

  • 3 Day First Aid at Work
  • 2 Day First Aid at Work Re-Qualification
  • 1 Day Emergency First Aid at Work
  • 12 Hour Paediatric First Aid
  • 3 Hour Annual Refresher

2 non-scheduled First Aid Courses (available upon request):

  • 2 Hour Basic Life Support
  • 4 Hour Emergency First Aid

We offer 3 scheduled Specialist Courses:

  • 3 Hour Asbestos Awareness
  • 2 Hour Fire Safety Awareness
  • 3 Hour Manual Handling Awareness

4 non-scheduled Specialist Courses (available upon request):

  • 3 Hour AED Awareness
  • 3 Hour Diabetes Awareness
  • 3 Hour Epilepsy Awareness
  • 2 Hour Needlestick Awareness

We offer two scheduled CIEH Courses:

  • 1 Day CIEH Level 2 Food Safety
  • 1 Day CIEH Level 2 Health and Safety in the Workplace

While everyone can benefit from first aid training, it may be a more necessary requirement for certain people. People who educate and watch over children ideally should be able to perform first aid. Day care center personnel and nannies should be able to assist children immediately in case of emergencies. Lifeguards should also be certified in first aid procedures.

Various businesses require their employees to be trained in first aid. The type and extent of the training depends on the job specifics. However, anyone who works in high-risk environments should have basic first aid knowledge. As such, many employees in factories, machine shops and industrial plants are provided with lessons in first aid procedures.

Accidents will always happen. Because of this, properly-trained individuals and the right first aid equipment help ensure better safety for everyone. Without the proper first aid, a simple injury could turn into something much more severe. Many fatalities resulting from accidents and emergency situations result from lack of immediate medical treatment. First aid doesn’t just facilitate recovery. It helps save lives.

At flair we are here to help not only with training but also with our extensive range of first aid products and accessories.

First Aid Products and Training Courses

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