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COVID 19 - Protecting Staff


The Sauber Screen from Flair is a barrier screen against the coronavirus that is suitable for use in virtually any environment including office, retail and healthcare because of the following key features:

  • The fire retardant panel is transparent offering great visibility
  • The panel is very easy to replace, clean and disinfect.
  • The mobile partition wall is very easy to assemble. The screen can be ready for use within minutes with two people and without tools.
  • Large 2 x 2 metre panel provides superior protection. Many screens currently on the market are simply too small, and do not offer sufficient protection.
  • The powder-coated aluminium frame comes in standard white (RAL 9016). It is also possible to order the safety screens in different colours with a 2 week lead time.
  • The Sauber Screen by Flair is also quick to disassemble and is easy to store with minimal space requirement.

Protecting staff in the office

In an office environment it is not always possible to maintain social distancing. This is often because the office space is simply not large enough, or because certain tasks require working in close proximity to one another. The Sauber Screen by Flair ensures that visibility and contact with colleagues is possible, while at the same time keeping the risk of infection as low as possible.

The aluminium frame of the Sauber Screen comes standard in the colour white (RAL9016) with a powder-coated finish. As a result, the anti-corona screen fits into any interior and will always give a neat and hygienic look.

Screens against COVID-19 in the retail environment

The Sauber Screen is suitable for use in retail environments. Due to the mobile properties - the partition wall is mobile and easy to set up - the Sauber Screen can be used anywhere.

For public places it is very important that products and materials are fireproof. We have taken this into consideration and the transparent partition wall is constructed with a fire-retardant material.

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