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Infectious diseases like COVID-19 spread from person to person through small droplets expelled when an infected person coughs or exhales. An individual may also get infected when they touch a surface where droplets have landed and then touch their mouth, nose or eyes.

Manufacturing facilities have several opportunities to help protect their employees from being infected with the virus that causes COVID-19. Following proper hand hygiene protocols; more frequent updated cleaning and disinfecting procedures focused on virus abatement; and implementing operational measures in your facility are paramount during the ongoing pandemic.

How can COVID-19 spread in your building or facility?

How can COVID-19 spread in your building or facility?

Hand Hygiene

As your manufacturing site continues operating amid COVID- 19, it's important to place an increased focus on frequent and proper handwashing and hand sanitizing to protect your employees.

You can improve adherence to regular handwashing by strategically placing posters around your manufacturing facility.

Plant workers should wash their hands: • At the start and the end of their shifts and breaks • After using the restroom • When moving from one zone to another • After disposing of waste • After eating or drinking • After removing protective gloves • Sneezing, coughing or using a tissue You should only use hand sanitizer during the pandemic if soap and water are not available for handwashing.

Since hands may become dry from more frequent handwash- ing, consider adding lotion to wash stations throughout your site. Ensure hand hygiene supplies are readily available to all plant personnel in the appropriate locations. Below are some resources to reinforce proper hand hygiene techniques within your manufacturing operation

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