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COVID 19 - Branded Hand Sanitising Stations


Are you ready for the new normal?

As the UK prepares to take its first step into returning to the workplace, the focus will be on keeping everybody safe. Hand sanitising has become an essential part of everyone's life.

The traditional 'pump type' dispensers used for Hand Sanitisers carry the risk of cross-contamination - at Flair Supplies Group, we have a range of UK designed and manufactured solutions to suit every type and size of retail outlet or workplace.


Floor-Standing Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station

Free-standing dispenser, manufactured in the UK from powder coated mild steel. Bespoke branding provides an excellent marketing opportunity.

Pedal Operated Sanitiser Dispenser

Pedal Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Our free standing dispensers made with medical grade, rust free steel requires no maintenance or power supply, making it perfect for heavy duty indoor or outdoor use. Optional anti-theft screws make it perfect for public spaces. More info.


Counter Top Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station

A space-saving solution for smaller areas. Manufactured from powder coated mild steel. A premium branded design with a small footprint.


Wall-Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station

An excellent option if space is at a premium. Using the same high quality powder coated mild steel with bespoke branding to provide a safe hand sanitising area.


Free Standing PPE Disposal and Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Station

The ultimate sanitation station. Bespoke branding with the same battery operated CE marked dispenser but with a pedal bin disposal unit built-in.

Laser engraved branded hand santiser dispensers

Bespoke Laser Engraved Stainless Steel Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Our hand and pedal operated dispensers, ranging from 1-5 litres capacity, can be laser engraved with your company logo or event branding on request. More info.

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