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Bins Internal & External

Waste Bins

All companies have some litter or waste to dispose of and at flair we have packaged a range of products to cover all your requirements.

Our Range is hand picked based not on price but durability and quality its no good buying a bin when you have to put that into a bin three months later.

Our recycling solutions are proving popular with businesses as more and more companies are keen to manage waste bet-ter and look after the environment.

With bins to suit every budget and every business type we are sure you will find something and if you cant see what you want we will find it... Its the flair way.

Here is just a sample of some of the industries covered...

  • Health
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Care Homes
  • Office
  • Transport
  • Hotels
  • Warehouse
  • Catering
  • Entertainment
  • Pubs & Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Nurseries
  • Leisure
Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier

Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier
  • All Plastic Fire-Retardant Sack holder
  • All Plastic Fire-Retardant Twin Bin Sack Holder
  • Plastic Sack Holder
  • Free Standing Sack Holder
  • Free Standing Steel Sack Holder
  • Self-Assembly Steel Sack Holder
  • Steel Wall Mounted Sack Holder
  • Stainless Steel Bodied Sack Holder
  • Recycling Bin with Colour Coded Lids
  • Push Flap Bins
  • Flip Bins with Recycle Stickers
  • Waste Separation Bins
  • Waste Separation Baskets
  • Waste Stations
  • Trento Oko
  • Trento Oko Trio and Duo

  • Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier
  • Aluminium Split Compartment Recycling Bin
  • The MYBIN
  • Tube Container
  • 40 & 60 Litre Soft Touch
  • Push Bin Plastic 13 Litres
  • Push Bin Plastic 25 or 45 Litre
  • Push Bin with Liner
  • Stainless Steel Oval Swing Bin
  • Plastic Pedal Bin
  • Dome Bin
  • Plastic Step On Container
  • Slim Metal Recycle Bin
  • Flip Lid Recycle Bin
  • 30 Litre Wheelie Bin
  • Waste Separation Bin
  • Bullet Bin

Selection of Bins Available

  • Soft Touch Bin
  • Push Flap Bin
  • Push Lid Recycle Bin
  • Touch Open Box Bin
  • Plastic Soft Sided Wastebasket
  • Rigid Plastic Wastebasket
  • Stainless Steel Swing Bin
  • Self-Extinguishing Fire Expire Bin
  • Stainless Steel Push Lid Bin
  • Stainless Steel Pedal Bin
  • Bottle Bin Skip (5 Colours)
  • Bin with Fitted Can Crusher
  • LitterMate Hooded Bin
  • Plastic Nappy Bin
  • Mini Battery Bin
  • Mini Medi Bin
  • Wood Effect Plastic External Bin

  • Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier
  • Achilles Outdoor 2 Compartment Bin
  • Round Wall Mounted Ashtrays
  • Rectangular Wall Mounted Ashtrays
  • Tubular Steel Wall Mounted Ashtrays
  • Tubular Floor Standing Ashtrays
  • Square litter Bin with Ashtray Top
  • 3 Tier Litter Bin
  • Wheeled Bins 30 and 50 Litre
  • Wheeled Bins 80 Litre
  • Fusion Outdoor Litter Bin
  • Flat Top Wheelie Bin
  • Outdoor Open Top Steel Waste Bin
  • Fun Monkey Bin
  • Fun Penguin Bin
  • Fun Bird Bin
  • Metal Galvanised Trashcan
  • Heavy Duty Coloured Clip Dustbins
Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier
Flair, Industrial and Commercial Bins Supplier

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