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Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner Plus

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner

Duplex 420 Steam: washes, recovers dirt and sanitises with steam

Multifunctional, professional: the Duplex 420 Steam is particularly effective for thoroughly cleaning medium sized spaces such as hotel rooms, kitchens and hospitals.

In normal use, Duplex 420 Steam is an automatic steam floorwasher: it dispenses the liquid, washes the surface and immediately recovers the dirt.

If the floor is particularly dirty, simply flipping a lever turns the machine into non-recovery floor washing machine.

The cleaning fluid is recovered at a later stage when the lever is returned to its original position.

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner
  • Two larger diameter cylindrical counter-rotating brushes: The energetic action of the two patented cylindrical brushes, rotating in opposite directions at 650 rpm (peripheral speed of 5 m/s), assures effective mechanical washing. The Duplex brushes are larger than conventional floor cleaning brushes, so that they rotate at a faster peripheral speed which greatly reduces cleaning times.

  • Dual liquid dispensing (one head per brush): The two washing solution tanks wet both brushes at the same time for highly effective results in both directions.

  • Dual dirt recovery system: The machine is equipped with sophisticated and safe dirt recovery system employing special transport belts.

  • Unique removable tanks: The liquid tanks are easy to remove when necessary, since they are not blocked by the valve cables; they are easy to clean, while the dirt recovery tank is located at the centre of the machine with two special scrapers which gather all the solid and liquid waste.

  • Versatile application: the Duplex 420 Steam, when fitted with special optional brushes, can also be used for removing wax and encrustations, and polishing and degreasing.

  • Automatic electrical safety system

The Duplex 420 Floor Steam Cleaner model, with a cleaning width of 420 mm (16″), gives ‘right to the edge’ cleaning, combining brush agitation and steam on all floor surfaces, alongside walls and into corners.

Steam is supplied to one of the contra rotating brushes and therefore floors are left sanitised and virtually immediately dry.

Steam floor cleaners, like the Duplex 420/Steam clean without the need for aggressive or toxic chemicals.

This makes the use of steam floor cleaning equipment extremely ecologically friendly and economically viable.

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner

The Duplex 420 Floor Steam Cleaner is effective for cleaning carpets, Polysafe, Altro, Marley, Tarkett, Flotex, Timbersafe, carpet tiles, non-slip safety flooring, safety non-slip resin floors, sports anti-injury floors and many more.

The brushes which contra-rotate lift dirt, water and grime from the floor surface leaving it steam cleaned, sanitised and dry.

The Duplex 420/Steam is unique in that it washes, mops, scrubs, dries and can also polish and disinfect all floor surfaces.

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner

The exceptional ease of use with no lifting and bi-directional operation makes the Duplex 420 Steam a pleasure to use even in the most challenging of environments

The machine is also supplied with the standard fluid tanks, allowing it to be used in steam or standard cleaning mode as required.

A range of different brush types to suit different types of flooring are available and unlike some other machines on the market, brush changing is extremely easy.

Duplex 420 Steam Cleaner
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